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La fórmula Espléndorex!

Ahora que leíste el primer cuento, es posible que la idea de limpiar la casa con químicos llenos de veneno prefieras limpiar con Esplédorex, una fórmula mágica y antigua que lo limpia todo.

Algo hermoso de esta fórmula -hecha de vinagre común y bicarbonato de sodio- es que cuando agregás el vinagre al polvo, hace efervescencia: ¡aparece una espuma fugaz! Una vez que empeza a bajar, ¡es el momento para limpiar!

¡Después podés contarnos en los comentarios qué limpiaste con Esplédorex y cómo te quedó!

Sopa de letras!

Si ya leíste el cuento #1, “La princesa del Reino Peludo”, ahora podés empezar a jugar con Juana y sus hermanos de patas y pelos!

En esta sopa de letras ¡tenés que encontrar las frutas y verduras de la abuela Lina!

Podés descargar la imagen en el teléfono o imprimirlo en un papel ¡que ya esté usado!

Story #1: Princess of the Furry Kingdom.

The first story of the story series Juana of the Fauna in now available online: “Princess of the Furry Kingdom”, edited by Fauna Querida. Download it here

Juana is no princess as we know them. She is an 8-year-old girl that lives in the city of Buenos Aires. In a visit she pays to her grand-parents, she saves som animals from a storm, giving them shelter in her castle, turning herself into the Princess of the Furry Kingdom, and learning that animals are not toys and that they require special care.

Juana of the Fauna is a story series for kids, free, available online and downloadable for mobile devices.

Each story involves aspects of nature and culture from Argentina, crops, biology, and sustainability.

Addressed to an infant audience from 5 to 8  years old and their families, it seeks to promote sensitivity for animals and nature, help us change our daily habits and improve our relationship to nature, thinking of our planet as a living being itself, conveying a message of empathy, non-violence, and peace.

Among the values that the story highlights, we find Juana’s father to be a man that cooks and does the dishes, equality between all species, the adoption of stray dogs and cats, the need of parents to spend time alone, grandparents far away from the grey hair stereotype, the relevance of trades and DIY culture, the need for cleaning methods that are healthier for the environment, the idea that animals are not toys and that they are not here for us but with us, and being generous with those who need us the most. 

Written by Melina Zukernik, sociologist, with a degree in filming and a master in local development; illustrations by Vale Montero, publishing advisory and Spanish proofreading by Noelia Rivero; ID by Cecilia Notaristéfano and translation to English from the original Spanish version by Laura Carrizo.

Designed for a global audience, these are contents about native animals from Argentina and sustainability, demonstrating that there is much more magic in all life forms -animals and vegetal- to rediscover, promoting a simplified childhood, more connected to nature. 

In 2017 Juana of the Fauna was declared of cultural interest by the Council for Cultural Promotion of the Ministry of Culture of the Government of the City of Buenos Aires.

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About Fauna Querida

Fauna Querida is a brand through which we create content about animal protection such as blog posts, videos, and educational material, and give a voice to those who don’t have it: our brother animals with whome we share our planet.

We also produce textiles and stationary with the same animals starring the stories.

Perro Real (a pun between Royal and Real Dog) is our charity brand to raise funds for NGOs rescuing stray dogs and cats.

In 2010 we created the first Dog-Friendly map of Buenos Aires and in 2015 we edited the book “Buenos Aires Guau – Dog-Friendly places”, declared of interest by the City Government.

Contact information:

Melina Zukernik

If you have any feedback on the story, please make a comment below or write me an email to

Best regards,

Mel and #JuanaoftheFauna #team

Cuento #1: La princesa del reino peludo.

Al clickear vas a encontrar dos carpetas: elegí la de 3 a 5 años u 6 a 8 años dependiendo de la edad de quién lo va a leer.

La versión de 6 a 8 años es la versión original, más larga y completa. La versión de 3 a 5 años es con menos páginas: eliminamos todas las páginas de detalles.

También tenemos el cuento traducido a Inglés! Podés descargarlo acá:

Si tenés cualquier duda, opinión constructiva, feedback o cualquier cosa que te surja, no dudes en dejarlo escrito en los comentarios de abajo!

Abrazo grande,

El Team de #JuanadelaFauna